Thursday, April 30, 2009

Song in My Head: Thursday, April 30, 2009

Today's Song in My Head:
"Beginning to See the Light" by the Velvet Underground
"How does it feel, to be loooved?" I woke with that lyric in my head this morning. I knew it was on the Velvet Underground's grey album, but I couldn't for the life of me remember from which song it was. I thought, "That's the Story of my Life?" "I'm Set Free?" but I knew they were both wrong. Then I remembered, It's from "Beginning to See the Light!" So I popped my Ipod onto the deck and played it as I got ready for school this morning.
It's a straight rock 'n' roll song from the VU's third, so-so album, The Velvet Underground, also known as The Grey Album.
It's a great song, so here it is, "I'm Beginning to See the Light"

Dude, You'd Rather Go Shopping Than See Beautiful Art? Bitch, Please.

Beyonce is offically on my shitlist of shitlists. She sent a Beyonce look-a-like to Albertina, an amzing art museum in Austria, instead of going herself. The museum arranged a privat tour for her while she was in the country for her concert, which, apparently, was only half-full. The museum managers were not fond of the little trick and plan to take it up with her people.

What did Sasha Fierce do instead? In her mush mouth voice, "I'm goin' shoppin'."

Beyonce, you have hit rock bottom in my book, not only did you snub classic art, you were rude to people who kindly set up a private tour for you. They didn't have to do that, Knowles. Go take your Hose of Darion jeans and crappy music and suck a duck.

Besides, Austria is too cool for Beyonce anyway.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Song in My Head: Sunday, April 26, 2009

Today's song in my head:
"Anthem of the Artic Birds" by The Uglysuit
It's a happy song about penguins! Why would it not be in my head?! It's an amazing song from an amazing band from Oklahoma. It's just happy, you have to love it. Everything the Uglysuit does is sheer happiness and beauty. Get their album The Uglysuit. It's amazing and a total upper. And on the plus side: Lots of cute guys with long blond hair in the group! :]
Five out of Five Al's

Saturday, April 25, 2009

And Then There's Maude: Im Memorium

Maude died! :[

Actress Bea Arthur, a true Golden Girl and the perfect Maude, passed away today in her home in Brentwood, CA. She was 86-years-old.

You, beautiful Bea, are in our hearts and minds.

Rest in Peace, Bea.

Lady Godiva was a freedom rider,
she didn't care of the whole world looked.
Joan of Arc, with the lord to guide her,
she was a sister who really cooked.
Isadora was a first bra burner
Aint' ya glad she showed up?
And when the country was falling apart
Betsy Ross got it all sewed up
And then there's Maude
And then there's Maude
And then there's Maude
And then there's Maude
And then there's Maude
And then there's Maude
And then there's that old compromisin, enterprisin' anything but traqulizin' Right on Maude!!!
Right On Bea Arthur

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Song in My Head: Thrusday, April 23, 2009

This is the first edition of "Song in My Head" (Hehe, I'm quoting Sherwood!)! It will be a daily post talking about the current song in my head and my opinion on it. It will include a video, if finding it them is possible, and an Al rating.

Today's song:
"Enter Sandman" by Metallica

OK, this song came out in 1991 on Metallica's self-titled album, Metallica, also the album that helped them sell out, also known as The Black Album. Either way, I still love the song. It is awesome, and yes, though I'd die for my love of Nirvana, I am a Metallica fan.

Besides, Metallica is the almost sure-fire way to impress a teenaged boy, especially an Asperger's syndrome-y boy. Metallica is a guy band, guys like Metallica. How do you think I'm trying to impress my guy without social skills?

Look, "Enter Sandman" is a great song. It makes you want to headbang, even me, and I have short Edie Sedgwick hair. Five out of Five Al's

Here it is, "Enter Sandman":

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Seccede? Texas, Oklahoma, and Miss California are Huffing Glue

OK, Since when was it just fine for Texas to seccede when they aren't happy with Capitol Hill? And when was it OK for Oklahoma to follow suit? And since when was Miss California a seccsionist?!

OK, it all started last week when Texas govenor, Rick Perry, said that it was in Texas' constitution to seccede from the union. He said that that was the only way that Texas joined the union. Well, he's a lying sack of bull. It is NOT in Texas' constitution that they can blow our freedom fry stand and form "The United State of Bullshit." They can merely split up into five states, which they, and I, do not want. They don't want to separate themselves, I don't want eight more Republican senetors, but the two Liberals from Austin would be a plus.

Gov. Rick Perry, I dub you "Rick the Dick."
Also, there was some buzz about Oklahoma to follow suit. They're just little toadies.
Also, Miss California is against Gay Marriage, she said "In my Country-- In my family," and them went on to blast Gay Marriage. Is she gonna start Cali's seccesion if Gay Marriage is leagalized? Didn't they just try leagalize prostitution in San Franisco? Dude, where are your brains?

Monday, April 20, 2009

A Promising Release

Blues has been lost in the time Generation Y. Kids these days think only old, fat men can be lovers of the blues. Well, as a little middle finger to all those ignorant punks, I found a band called The Insomniacs. They have a new CD coming out April 21, 2009 called "At Least I'm Not With You." This alb will be their sophmore, after a 2006 release. It's definetly worth checking out.

In my opinion they are less than likely to outstay their welcome. It's a fun little group to boogie to all night long. They're from Oregon, and they have killer riffs. Though they are a bunch of white boys, they have soul. Check them out, give them your money. You won't regret it. You'll support worthy artists and launch yourself into bluesedom.
Four out of five Al's.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Skinning the Sun with a New Blog

Hey, I'm Alice. You may know me from my pathetic Quadrophenic Points of View blog, now I have a new blog. This blog is called Skin the Sun, the title was jacked from a Nirvana lyric, and will focus on the arts, particuarlly music and the Chicago scenes, and a little bit on my life as a Catholic school girl in Chicago. (Insert a Frank Zappa Song please!)

I'm also looking for more writers to write about fashion and whatever they like, even some celeb gossip, but that'll come in time. For now, I have to establish myself. I'll be looking for them on Stardoll, where I know more people. I all ready have some people in mind, I'll contact you, or you can find me.

So let's skin the Sun together as we listen to Buddy Holly's memorial alb, and you hopefully enjoy my new blog!