Friday, October 2, 2009

Goodbye Sister Disco.

I feel very... Townshend today. I dunno... I guess it has something to do with all the pictures I have of Pete Townshend on my walls. Maybe because I finally met a Pete Townshend... extremely tall, bright blue eyes, pale... plays guitar. Short hair and a mouth like Pete's. And this man's dance left me behind in a whirlwind of notes, chords, and Metallica.

This man teaches me guitar. He's very cool despite the fact that he's never heard of the Velvets, Television, or my beloved 13th Floor Elevators. I didn't have my boyfriend teach me guitar because he's a distraction. I swear, every time he even tried to teach me guitar I couldn't concentrate. This guy, however, knows how to keep my attention despite his cuteness. 

Haha... Just wanted to say that I've found another Townshend. I found a legit one. Not some bagger at the grocery store that looks more like Coffin Joe instead of Pete.

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