Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I'm Sorry, but I Don't Care about You, Your Money, Your Family, or Your "Cutting Edge" Look.

England is a great country. I think it's beautiful, rich in culture, and has an amazing music scene. Yet, over the course of about two years, there has been some strange... happening there. And I hate to call it a happening because happenings, at least the way I learned of them, are great, amazing gatherings of people coming together to form a core group inspiring a generation. This happening is generally just that, at least at first sight. Wild, carefree, punk-looking kids running wild around London, causing a scene, catching attention seems like a great, amazing thing. But it only seems to be a great, amazing thing.

After a while, those kids become washed up, annoying, and over-glorified. Those kids are hipsters. Not just any random hipster like the ones coming from Lincoln Park, but rich hipsters only famous because of their rich mommies and daddies. They're seductive, yes, with half-shaven heads, motorcycle jackets, and ripped leggings. They seem interesting, like they know their shit. But, chances are, they don't.

They're dubbed "grunge" and own the label, but they don't know shit about grunge. They know "Nevermind," which, of course, is an amazing album, inspiring a generation, but that's not the only grunge album. Nirvana (though they are my favorite band) is not the only grunge band. And "Smells Like Teen Spirit" is not their only song

I understand the "Think rich, look poor" philosophy, Andy Warhol came up with it. It's a great philosophy, but only in moderation. No one likes posers. No one likes kids that say "Oh... I make all my own clothes. I'll never buy a pair of jeans all ready ripped" but that sneak into some high end, trendy department store to get their cutoffs. They try to be punk, grunge, and everything inbetween, but they aren't truly what they think they are. Punk and it's offspring is about being a voice for the downtrodden. Punk spoke to kids that thought they had nowhere to go. Punk saved lives, and to mock it by pretending to be punk when, at the end of the night, you drunkenly stumble into your posh little loft on the ritzy, trendy side of London that you paid for with your rockstar daddy's money is a disgrace to all those kids that found themselves through punk.

Grunge wasn't about being beautiful. It wasn't about being a model, that, if they didn't get the job, they'd just have mommy and daddy pay for their brand new Birkin bag. Grunge was about making something out of nothing. The "Gods of Grunge" (as my beloved refers to them) came from broken homes, trailers, the muddy banks of rural Washington. They had nothing but a guitar and something to say. Grunge today, is generally nonexistent. Yet, there are some kids that like to keep it alive. The kids that are poor and connect with the music. And those great, fun, smart, downtrodden kids are being mocked by those fucking limey hipsters when they walk around London town with a fucking Balmain jacket with a flannel screaming "Oh I'm SOOO grunge! Look at me in my flannel I got from Harrods! Oh look at my bright pink Dr. Martens! They're SOO punk rawk! Oh look at my 1000 quid motorcycle jacket! I'm SOOO badass!"

Sure, grunge is a fashion statement. It's a statement about not needing the fancy brands and the hottest shoes. I hate all those fucking twats from England that go to clubs every night dressed in cutoffs they got from some high end boutique pretending to be grunge. They aren't. Grunge is Madam Satan smashing their guitars. Grunge is working hard to say something. Grunge is about slapping the general population smack dab across the face. Grunge is about marginalizing the public to do your own thing. It's about alienation. Not rich mommies and daddies. And I know this rant won't do much, but it's to let it all out. British hipsters mock people that are lost without punk. And it breaks my heart when I see some fucking socialite running around trying to act tough and punk when they are really living the good life. Posers are the enemy. Trendsuckers are the enemy. British hipsters are the enemy.

I hate Alice Dellal, the Geldofs, and all those other bitches that are rich and from England. I still love England, I just hate that little scene.

They can all go to hell. But can they just stop annoying and mocking the real music/music history/music meaning snobs? Because, seriously, I hate featuring Satan #1, 2, and beyond on my blog.

I guess England truly is dreaming now.


  1. Lol.. did you doodle on those pictures?? If not it seems like something Perez Hilton would do, he probably doesn't know who they are, though.

    They're gross. I think Alice Dellal looks like a dirty hobo and she probably smells like one. I don't know much about her so I'm not going to critisize (I know, my spelling sucks) her any further.

    And Peaches Geldof *coughcough, Smelldof* and her sister.. they're just repulsive. Don't even get me started on them.

  2. Also.. this is just me being a fashion snob.

    If I'm going to wear a Balmain jacket, I'm going to kill myself if I wear it with anything else by Balmain (not vintage Balmain, the current) or anything 'rock n roll.' It's just overkill, unless you're being truly authentic.
    I kind of just repeated what you said but whatever.

  3. Yeah I drew those pictures. Haha.

    I wrote this because people actually look up to these people. They glorify them for not doing shit. I find it revolting and offensive. And the fact that they call them all grunge pisses me off. As I said, they don't know shit.

  4. Hell yes.
    I hate the way some believe they are oh-so-punk or grunge and have never heard or dislike the sex pistols or the clash. I hate the way they clash againts what punk stands for, it's not only a style, hell no, but a way of living and thinking. But, shamefully, people don't know that; they just want to be in vogue.

  5. i hate peaches so much, it's not even funny.
    thank you for this lol, i think it sums up the whole scene nicely.

  6. I admire you !
    You stand up for what you believe in. I wouldn't describe myself as grunge, and I must admit, I've never thought of La Dellal in that way, but you've given me to think. Everyone dislikes Peaches for at least one reason: she hasn't done anything to get where she is, as doesn't deserve the credit she gets.

  7. Well well.
    I do agree with what you're saying, that it's sort of wrong if a counterculture like grunge is being exploited for the amusement of some Miss Delall or Geldof's golden children.
    Nevertheless, if being a hipster means having some knowledge of culture yet lacking the potential to be a working class hero - in that case the definition is unjust. Those girls can't help having been born into the world of the rich and famous. Also, they are fairy young.
    Still - Julian Casablancas is a lovely example that just cause your daddy is rich doesn't mean you need to be some drunken airhead flagging an idea robbed of its meaning so as to see your picture in Vogue or, more likely, the gossip section of a daily newspaper.


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