Saturday, August 1, 2009

Current Obsessions.

"Campus" by Vampire Weekend. - Being a prep school girl myself, I can do nothing but relate to this song. Especially about a certain ex of mine, but I'm soo not into him anymore.

"Touch Me, I'm Sick" by Mudhoney. - Yes, the obsession is still going strong.

"Very Ape" by Nirvana. - Reminds me of my beloved. He tries to act tough and differential, but he's a softy.

"The Soul of Patrick Lee" by John Cale and Terry Riley. - It's AMAZING. The vocals by Adam Miller are to die for.

"She Belongs to Me" Bob Dylan. - My beloved did a cover of that song for me, though it's about the Catholic Church, he says there some things in that song that just scream me. Excuse me, my ego is huge right now.

"Puss" by The Jesus Lizard. - It's hard, fast, and violent.

"Heads Will Roll" by The Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs. - I'm not much of a Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs fan, but I LOVE this song.

That's it. Check them out, leave you opinions.

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