Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dude, You'd Rather Go Shopping Than See Beautiful Art? Bitch, Please.

Beyonce is offically on my shitlist of shitlists. She sent a Beyonce look-a-like to Albertina, an amzing art museum in Austria, instead of going herself. The museum arranged a privat tour for her while she was in the country for her concert, which, apparently, was only half-full. The museum managers were not fond of the little trick and plan to take it up with her people.

What did Sasha Fierce do instead? In her mush mouth voice, "I'm goin' shoppin'."

Beyonce, you have hit rock bottom in my book, not only did you snub classic art, you were rude to people who kindly set up a private tour for you. They didn't have to do that, Knowles. Go take your Hose of Darion jeans and crappy music and suck a duck.

Besides, Austria is too cool for Beyonce anyway.

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