Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Seccede? Texas, Oklahoma, and Miss California are Huffing Glue

OK, Since when was it just fine for Texas to seccede when they aren't happy with Capitol Hill? And when was it OK for Oklahoma to follow suit? And since when was Miss California a seccsionist?!

OK, it all started last week when Texas govenor, Rick Perry, said that it was in Texas' constitution to seccede from the union. He said that that was the only way that Texas joined the union. Well, he's a lying sack of bull. It is NOT in Texas' constitution that they can blow our freedom fry stand and form "The United State of Bullshit." They can merely split up into five states, which they, and I, do not want. They don't want to separate themselves, I don't want eight more Republican senetors, but the two Liberals from Austin would be a plus.

Gov. Rick Perry, I dub you "Rick the Dick."
Also, there was some buzz about Oklahoma to follow suit. They're just little toadies.
Also, Miss California is against Gay Marriage, she said "In my Country-- In my family," and them went on to blast Gay Marriage. Is she gonna start Cali's seccesion if Gay Marriage is leagalized? Didn't they just try leagalize prostitution in San Franisco? Dude, where are your brains?

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