Sunday, April 19, 2009

Skinning the Sun with a New Blog

Hey, I'm Alice. You may know me from my pathetic Quadrophenic Points of View blog, now I have a new blog. This blog is called Skin the Sun, the title was jacked from a Nirvana lyric, and will focus on the arts, particuarlly music and the Chicago scenes, and a little bit on my life as a Catholic school girl in Chicago. (Insert a Frank Zappa Song please!)

I'm also looking for more writers to write about fashion and whatever they like, even some celeb gossip, but that'll come in time. For now, I have to establish myself. I'll be looking for them on Stardoll, where I know more people. I all ready have some people in mind, I'll contact you, or you can find me.

So let's skin the Sun together as we listen to Buddy Holly's memorial alb, and you hopefully enjoy my new blog!

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