Sunday, June 7, 2009

I Kind Of Like Sappy Love Songs...

So I've been jammin' lately. I've been jammin' to the Beatles. Memories memories.... But I haven't been jammin' to just any Beatles songs, but love songs. Sappy love songs. Happy love songs. Songs that make me feel mushy and fluttery. Those songs and I am not at all guilty. I love silly love songs.

Admit, you love to swing early 60s London love songs preformed cute guys from Liverpool in matching suits too. And you wish you had a cute guitarist that would sing "Her Majesty" to you like I do.
I like sappy love songs like "I've Just Seen a Face." And Paul McCarthney isn't even my favorite Beatle, it's a tie between Ringo and George, but I connect with Paul and all of his silly love songs.
Silly love songs make the world go round.
Silly love songs make me happy.
Silly love songs make the world joyous.
Silly love songs make me high.
Silly love songs make the world sing.

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