Saturday, June 27, 2009

Lesson in European Languages

"Bitch" is the same in Ukrainian and Polish, being "Suka."

Shyeah, I know some Ukrainian, thanks to the Russki in my class. And I call him a Russki out of love. I also call him Stalin to watch him get pissed. I found out "bitch" was the same in Polish and Ukrainian by boredly looking up Polish swears to mess with my cousin in the language of her ancestors.

Just wanted to mention a funny little coincidence. Now you can all go to Poland or Ukraine, take out a megaphone, and scream "SUKA!!" really loud and piss everyone off! :P

Also, I know French very well, here's a great list of French swears:
merde - shit
putain: whore
con - cunt
connard - jerk
connasse - bitch
cul - ass
bite - dick
baiser - to fuck

There a ya go, thought I'd treat you to some laughs. And yeah, don't mispronounce the words, people'll think you're a dumbshit. I didn't put in pronunciations because I'm too fucking lazy.


  1. Bahahaha.. my friend carries a French handbook around in her purse and we'll walk up to strangers and say things like, "I'm horny." "My place or yours?" in French.. its even funnier if the person speaks French. (well duh..)

  2. Oh this is wonderful!!! Haha, i have a book called Dirty French... it's err very handy ! :) x


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