Thursday, June 18, 2009


Whispers of ocean waves
California dreamin' to your heart's content,
My only beautiful friend
Clear liquids on your tongue, in your eyes
Seeing grass on the beige sand
Seeing rays of sunlight in the moonlight
Jumping for something that you only think exists
Feeling something that cannot be felt
The world has left you forsaken.
Forsaken insanity is your friend.
Your immaculate friend.
I wrote that. I think it's obvious that it's about taking LSD on the beach, or what someone told me it was like. He said it was immaculate, feeling forsaken. The way he described it I can never put into words, he described it beautifully. Of course, I'm too much of a neurotic pussy that always needs to be in control to even try drugs. But this kid wasn't in California, he was on a private beach on the North Shore, listening to the Mamas and the Papas, Jefferson Airplane, and the Doors with his buddies. He's a rich bitch so he just happens to get away with doing drugs on his neighbor's property at 3 AM. I think he got it from some foreign exchange student he was with. Of course he said she was some gorgeous model from Sweden. I've met her, she's a stoner from Georgia, the country, not state you Geography-phobes.

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