Sunday, June 28, 2009

Starman, Waiting in the Sky

Who has a voice more beautiful than one million angelic choruses, killer guitar skillz, and can pass as the prettiest person in the universe? That's easy. That's David Bowie, Ziggy Stardust.

David's music has always been around me. Glam rock was always ringing in my ears. When I was a baby my parents even tacked a Bowie poster in my room on the wall nearest my crib (mostly because they had one and didn't know what to do with it). I always woke up with David and his gorgeous eyes staring at me. I always called him "Bo Bo." I guess everyone has the one musican they've loved since before they could even think. For my mother, it was Stevie Nicks. For my father, it was Frank Zappa. For my boyfriend, it was Kurt Cobain. For Grey, it was Morrisey. For me, it was David Bowie.

Out of all the people I idolize and worship, David Bowie is the only man that could beat me in a beauty compition, he's so gorgeous! I bet Lou Reed was jealous of him. Hell, I bet Nico was jealous of him! He has perfect cheekbones. His cheekbones are so perfect they've become a daily reference for me. I always coo, "Aww... he has David Bowie cheekbones!" about some guys I like.

Other tha his sheer beauty, I love his music. My favorite song of his is "Queen Bitch." He has a lot of other amazing songs, but I grew up obsessed with that song. It's also one of the few songs my boyfriend managed to teach me on guitar. He always changes his style but still stays the same. I like to think of him as the female Cher, how he's a camilion of sorts, but of course his music is 1,00,000,000x better! (I hope you guys don't think that's dorky. I can't help it, I love me some Cher! Hey, we all have our guilty pleasures.)
I also went through this year long period of dressing like him. It was pretty wild, but my friend Grey was really into it. We were Bowie twins. We did the make up and hair and everything. People would stare at us walking down the street. We would even loiter around this one boy's house. I asked him out when I was a freshman and he was a jerk to me so we'd stand around near his house and everytime he'd walk past, we used to stop him and flirt with him and he'd flip out on Grey screaming, "Dude! I don't like guys!" and then he'd scream at me, "You're just weird! I don't like gay music! I like Metallica! God!" Then he called Grey a fag and I kicked him in the balls. Yep. No one's mean to my Grey Ghost.
Bowie taught me acceptance. When Grey came out to me, I wasn't shocked, but I still was like, "Woah, my best friend is gay." I was only in sixth grade and I thought he was kidding, I even said, "No you're not! You like Tessa, don't you." Then I realized that he wasn't kidding. He was telling the truth. I still oved Grey and didn't care. And if it wasn't for David Bowie and Morrisey, I would've cared. I guess I'd have to say thanks to David, if I didn't grow up listening to him. I wouldn't have Grey. I wouldn't have my anchor. I would just have my S&M obsessed friend as my closest friend next to Grey, and all she talks about is cock size.

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  1. David is amazing. :) My dad was a concert-junkie when he was a teenager, and I'm still waiting for him to give me his old David Bowie concert tee... grr, I've been waiting forever..

    I've never thought about how Bowie & Morrissey taught acceptance/equality, but that's a really good point! :D


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