Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Disco Goddess

New favorite Nirvana song! It's "Hairspray Queen." I think it's totally dope....

And I was just informed that it's about oral sex. Whatever, now I'm all giggly because now I'm thinking about things of that sort... Yeah... just wanted mention it.... Wait! Now that I'm thinking about it, my boyfriend's group covered it at a party once! But they covered every Nirvana song because my boyfriend would bone Kurt if Kurt was alive and a girl. It's a whole vanity thing to fall in love with a person that slightly resembles you.

Do you ever notice that? Couples that look alike? I do all the time. As I said, it's a vanity thing. Or an envy thing depending on the couple. But I noticed like the last few guys I've went out with were like all blond and blue-eyed. I'm not a total blondie, but I am blonde and blue-eyed. Well I've always liked waspy looking boys.

Now I'm thinking about late 80s Nirvana. That was the best Nirvana. Like the best song off of Bleach was "Love Buzz" but I'm biased because that's my boyfriend's song for me. Other than that, it's "Downer."

Well that was your daily dose of Nirvana and sexual connotations... no... not even connotations, just blunt sex talk... I have "Hairspray Queen" somewhere in my playlist towards the end, try and fine the lube reference!

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