Friday, July 10, 2009

Fuck You.

Fuck the ignorance of the world. They are pieces of shit.

I was listening to some golden Nirvana rarities and talking on the phone with a friend about going to the Art Institute with him and we were talking about the Ivan Albrights there and my really obnoxious, ignorant, lame aunt says, "What's this grunge crap you're listening to? What's with you and grunge?"

First of all, I'm not infatuated with grunge like some of my friends. I just like hard, heavy music, and in my opinion Nirvana's version of "Puss" is a great hard, heavy song. I told her, "Dude, I'm not obsessed with grunge. Nirvana's just a really really good band." She even was of the MTV age when they came out, she was nineteen, but she was busy being all nostalgic about cheesy eighties pop, never growing up. Being the female Peter Pan but in an annoying, ignorant way.

Then I went back to talking to my friend and then, once again, my aunt buts in, "What are you doing going to the art museum? That's boring."

People like her don't appreciate art, beauty, or even life. She doesn't know what beauty is. People think that being friends with the "fringe people" is bad, but only because they are ignorant. Because they only know God. Because they only know the rules, the norm. They won't ever stray from the middle of the belt. They will remain blue collar and dumb as a doorknob.

But these people whom I love so dearly, that treat me like their own daughter, don't know that art keeps me alive. They don't realize that I love spending hours at museums, just gazing at statues of Buddha and Hindi gods and goddesses. They don't know that the sounds of harmoniums and guitars make me euphoric. They poo-poo the things that make me happy; they poo-poo the people I love merely because they don't know any better. They think people with long hair are weird. They think anyone that identifies as Muslim is a terrorist. They think French people hate America. They think that gay people are going to Hell.

I can't even believe that I'm related to people like that.
Yes, there are some great, tolerant people in my family, but most of them are in their own little world of Fox News, blue collar America, people who hate unions but are in unions anyways, and ignorance. They upset me so much. They belittle me. They tell me that the people I hang out with are freaks, particularly my best friend who is gay and my friend from France. They are constantly asking why I want to be a writer. They just can't accept people, even their own niece/cousin/granddaughter/whatever.
People that aren't accepting of people are just ignorant. They're just scared to leave the safeness of their little world. I'm glad that I can. I'm glad that because I've ignored my family that I know the coolest people in the world. I'm glad that I'm not an alcholholic at seventeen. I'm glad that I can take in people of all races, creeds, sexualities, genders, and political stances. I just wish more people can be like that. And, though I'm sad to say this, my family, being as ignorant as they are, are peices of shit. Though I still love them, they have no respect for my opinions and are intent on changing them. They can't make me do shit.

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