Sunday, July 26, 2009

Something I'm Actually Proud of.

"Clark Grohl is a nihlist. Clark Grohl likes to destroy. In the words said by a piece of Clark Grohl, the singer Nico, "A true artist must self-destruct." And Clark was determined to do just that. But then Clark Grohl was introduced to slefish indulgences, and had me."

That was a little exerpt from a story I'm working on. I really like that one bit. Just wanted to share it. The character that bit was about was kind of based off of a lot of people combined. Including Ernest Hemingway, Nico, and myself. I always like to write destructive characters, they're the funnest to come up with. I'm not gonna post the story, it's far too personal for me. I'll post little bits I'm proud of, though.


  1. you're a good writer
    does clark grohl's name have anything to do with dave grohl?

  2. Actually, yes.
    Only becuase if you say Grohl a certain way it sounds really slimy. Not that I think Dave Grohl is a nihlist.


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