Friday, July 17, 2009

Their Last Song was "Suckers"

It's sad when bands breakup. Especially when the band had some potential. My boy's group broke up. The last song they played was "Suckers." "Suckers" was the first song they ever wrote. And it was about a blowjob.

But, it was inevitable. Especially when the rythem guitarist is a douchebag.

Well, now my boyfriend is gonna start a more artsy group with his bassist. Or a more Nirvana-esque group. I'd think it'd be cool if they went in the avant-garde, artsy direction, but the bassist isn't that artsy a bassist. Shit, he was lucky he could do a decent version of the bass solo in "My Generation." Too bad my boyfriend I all upset and angsty about the disbandment of his band.

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