Saturday, July 4, 2009

Green Monsters. Green Piss. Green Day.

Green Day pisses me off.

I love concept albums, totally, but there really isn't much credibility to having the singles all over MTV is there? 21-Century Breakdown is an OK album with some classic Green Day style songs. But they don't change it up. Billie Joe Armstrong is waaay too old to be sporting guyliner. They don't grow and learn. Great, American Idiot earned them millions of dollars, but why not expand? Why not change the sound up, why not change the image up. Because it's not the 90s anymore, now it's all about the image. Armstrong sold out to that. He sold out to the image. He was great in the 90s. Dookie was one of my favorite albums, but now all I have to say is:
What's the point of being a somewhat credible band when Hot Topic mall punks are wearing your t-shirts saying that they're deep, emotional, sensitive, and no one understands them. Whatever if they really feel that, but the black hearts, black parade, black soul shit is just that: BULLSHIT. Why Armstrong, do you give these really annoying teenie-boppers a stepping stone?
BTW* I still have a burning crush on Mike Drint. :P, so just remember, Mike Drint is cool, Billie Joe Armstrong is lame.


  1. Holy shit, agreed 100%. I used to love the old Green Day albums, they were fucking amazing, I hate them now, though. I hate them.

    & Dookie still rocks!

  2. Yeah. Punk was the mirror of the mid-70s. Then it died. And I personally think that dead things shouldn't be poked with sticks or put on stadiums.
    As nice as it is to see someone giving a fuck about where the world is heading, as and Green Day seem to...well, it doesn't diminish the lack of their musical relevance. Or how there simply comes a time when you become a caricature of yourself, and I think Armstrong's may just be coming.


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